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Are you tired of using toilet paper? Do you want to upgrade your bathroom experience? Then an electric bidet might be just what you need! Electric bidets are becoming increasingly popular among consumers as they offer a more hygienic and comfortable way to clean yourself after using the restroom. In this consumer report, we’ll take a closer look at electric bidets – how they work, their different types, factors to consider before buying one, benefits and drawbacks, common mistakes when using them, care instructions and installation tips. So sit back and get ready to learn everything there is to know about electric bidet!

Top 10 Electric Bidets

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ZMJH Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated Smart Unlimited Warm Water, Vortex Wash, Electronic Heated, Warm Air Dryer, Rear and Front Wash, LED Light, Need Electricity, White, ZMA102 (Elongated)

$189.99  in stock
as of June 16, 2024 3:28 am


  • [Features] This toilet seat has water heater with 3 temperature settings, heated seat with 3 temperature settings, water pressure with 3 temperature settings, warm air dryer with 3 different levels, and save preferred settings.
  • [Stainless Steel Nozzle] It is dependable, hygienic and just makes sense. Our stainless steel nozzle will wash itself, you, itself again, and then tuck itself to the rear.
  • [Hybrid Heating Technology] This seat continuously provides warm water throughout your experience.
  • [Illuminating LED Nightlight] The cool blue LED nightlight is great for late-night toilet runs and dropping your guests' jaws. It appeals to the masses.
  • [Eco-Friendly] Energy saving mode saves the environment by using less electricity and toilet paper.

SmartBidet SB-100R Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control, Stainless Steel Nozzle with Removable Nozzle Cap, Slim and Strong Design in White

 in stock
as of June 16, 2024 3:28 am


  • EFFORTLESS ACTIVATION: Activate SmartBidet by simply sitting on the seat, thanks to the intuitive skin sensor for a hassle-free experience.
  • ENHANCED REMOTE ACCESS: Conveniently control all features with the included remote, now easily accessible from its wall-mounted holder.
  • VARIOUS WASH MODES: Posterior Wash is for His/Her Back. Feminine Wash is a gentler, wider wash for her front. Turbo Wash is the strongest, most concentrated wash for His/Her back. The SB-100R does not include an air dryer.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY INNOVATION: Introducing an energy-saving mode that reduces power consumption when not in use, making SmartBidet efficient and environmentally conscious.
  • LED INDICATORS: Stay informed with clear LED indicators for water temperature, seat warmth, and wash modes, ensuring a user-friendly experience.
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LUXE Bidet NEO 320 – Hot and Cold Water, Self-Cleaning, Dual Nozzle, Non-Electric Bidet Attachment for Toilet Seat, Adjustable Water Pressure, Rear and Feminine Wash, Lever Control (Blue)

$61.99  in stock
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6 used from $42.39
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as of June 16, 2024 3:28 am


  • WARM WATER CLEANS BETTER – The NEO 320 features adjustable water temperature. The warm water offers both comfort and a better clean. Keep warm during the cold winter months or cool off when the weather heats up. Hot water is sourced from a sink connection.
  • DUAL WASH MODES – The rear wash sprays a stronger flow towards the rear. The feminine wash sprays a softer flow towards the front. The feminine wash also helps to keep you clean during monthly cycles and comes in handy for new or expecting mothers.
  • HYGIENIC PROTECTION – The guard gate is designed to shield the nozzles for your ultimate sanitary experience. The nozzles automatically retract behind the guard gate after each wash to ensure it is protected until your next use.
  • AN EASY HOME UPGRADE – Elevating your home with a luxurious element has never been easier. Includes ALL PARTS AND TOOLS to get your bidet up and running in minutes. Easily attaches to and detaches from any standard two-piece toilet.
  • 18-MONTH WARRANTY – Our world-class Customer Care team is always here to make sure you are 100% satisfied, so anytime you have problems or concerns about the products, we are just one call away. Register your bidet online and get an extended warranty.

Jenys Smart Electric Heated Bidet Toilet Seat Elongated, Heated Toilet Seat Plug-in Bidet With Dryer And Warm Water, Stainless-steel Nozzle, Nightlight, Oscillation & Pulse(Side Key)

 out of stock
as of June 16, 2024 3:28 am


  • Stainless Steel Nozzle: Automatic nozzle self-cleaning heated bidet further ensures that your wash is always clean and safe,exceptionally hygienic and durable.
  • Warm Air Dryer: Especially japanese toilet helpful for those with mobility issues, the adjustable bidet attachment for toilet with dryer eliminates the need to use toilet paper,ensuring you carry on clean,refreshed,and dry.
  • Welcoming Nightlight: Say goodbye to stubbed toes and painfully bright lights during your midnight trip to the bidet electric. A cool blue nightlight illuminates your bidet heated bowl, lighting your way to the bidet seats. .
  • Nozzle Oscillation: At the push of a button bidets for existing toilets, the nozzle will move gently back and forth bidet toilet seat elongated. You’ll get the most thorough clean possible, bidet toilet seat round with minimal effort!
  • PACKED WITH FEATURES YOU WANT: warm air dryer, bidet toilet seat warm water, stainless-steel self-cleaning nozzle, heated seat, nightlight, auto mode, gentle massage pulse, power saving eco-mode, bidet with dryer and sturdy sittable lid.

Bejoan Z1 Bidet Toilet Seat Heated Elongated Smart Toilet Seat Electronic Bidet Air Dryer, Instant Unlimited Warm Water, Feminine Wash, Rear and Front Wash, LED Light, Self-Ceaning Nozzle

$189.00  in stock
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as of June 16, 2024 3:28 am


  • 【Low-cost Luxury Experience】Bejoan Z1 is a user-friendly electric bidet toilet seat that is designed to give you a low-cost luxury textures. This elongated bidet seat provides a hygienic bathroom experiences with its instant and continuous Warm Water, Adjustable Nozzle Spraying / Warm Air Dryer / Heated Seat. Stainless Steel Nozzle, Concave Widened Seat, Capacitive Sensor Seat, LED Nightlight.
  • 【A Refreshing Clean for Everyone】Instant and continuous warm water stream will last as long as you need it; AERATED CLEANSING provides a gentle, yet effective clean every time by infusing air into each droplet; Oscillating and pulsating functions.Rated power supply : AC 120 V 60 Hz, Rated power consumption : 1274 W, Maximum power consumption : 1430 W.
  • 【Adjustable Temperature】Water, Air dryer,Pressure and toilet seat temperatures are adjustable to 4 different levels. Hybrid heating technology offers continuous warm water during your entire experience.
  • 【Enjoyable Home Spa】Provides a gentle, refreshing clean for the entire family, with the added benefit of enhanced usability at night and a deodorizer that keeps your bathroom fresh. Your bum deserves some self-care too. The self-cleaning bidet nozzle sanitizes between uses and a soft-closing seat means no more loud and abrupt slamming.
  • 【Multi-Use Self-Cleaning Nozzle】 It's durable, it's hygienic, it just make sense. Our stainless steel nozzle will wash itself, wash you, wash itself again, and then tuck itself to back. This bidet toilet seat features 5 cleaning modes: posterior, feminine,hot-cold massage, reciprocate and swing. This bidet runs a self-cleaning procedure before and after every user of the nozzle to maintain a higher hygiene standard.
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ALPHA BIDET iX Hybrid Bidet Toilet Seat in Round White-Endless Warm Water-Stainless Steel Nozzle-4 Wash Functions-LED Nightlight-Warm Air Dryer-Wireless Remote-Oscillation and Pulse

 out of stock
as of June 16, 2024 3:28 am


  • LUXURY QUALITY, ENTRY PRICE: We dare you to find a higher quality bidet seat with this many features for under $300.
  • ADVANCED HYBRID HEATING: Ceramic core heating technology means you get endless warm water from start to finish. Oh, and it's energy efficient too.
  • STAINLESS STEEL NOZZLE: It's durable, it's hygienic, it just makes sense. Our stainless steel nozzle will wash itself, wash you, wash itself again, and then tuck itself to bed.
  • ILLUMINATING LED NIGHTLIGHT: The cool blue LED nightlight is great for nighttime bathroom trips and dropping your guests' jaws. It's a crowd-pleaser.
  • THE ALPHA BIDET DIFFERENCE: Our bidet seats are sleek, built to last, and designed for the modern bathroom. Advance your hygiene with Alpha Bidet.

YOURLITE Bidet Toilet Seat Electric Warm Water Bidet with Warm Air Drying, Heated Seat Bidet with Self-cleaning Nozzle Temperature Adjustable White Toilet Seat

$159.99  in stock
as of June 16, 2024 3:28 am


  • 【Outstanding Bidet Toilet Seat】- YOURLITE warm water bidet has all the features you need.Automatic Induction | Water Heater (3 adjustable temperature) | Warm Air Drying | Heated Seat (4 adjustable temperature) | Water pressure(3 speed adjustment) | Soft Light Lighting | Automatic Deodorization | Leakage Protection.
  • 【Clean and Worry-free】- The self-cleaning nozzle is completely wrapped in stainless steel and the nozzle waters the toilet before and after each use, cleaning the toilet without manual cleaning.
  • 【Easy to Install】: This bidet toilet seat measures 20.5 "x 18.9" x 7.5 "and easily self-installs in less than an hour in just a few simple steps – no plumbers required!
  • 【Strong and Gentle washing mode】 : The strong washing mode provides extra power, while the gentle washing mode provides gentle washing when needed. Provide wind and temperature control three options, with excellent cleaning effect.
  • 【Environmental protection and money saving】 : Save trees and money waste by reducing the use of paper, help protect the environment and your household pipes, the energy-saving function of the product can ensure that the household electricity is not wasted.

Kohler Bn330-N0 Novita Electric Bidet Toliet Seat, Elongated Heated and Warm Water Bidet with Dryer, White

$369.99  in stock
2 used from $369.99
as of June 16, 2024 3:28 am


  • No Slam Round Bidet Toilet Seat: Quiet close lid closes slowly and silently without slamming
  • Electric Bidet: Features includes warm-air drying, mulit-setting heated sea; Hybrid heater technology provides instant and unlimited warm water for consistent comfort
  • Self Cleaning Nozzle and Air Deodorizer: Stainless-steel wand automatically rinses after each use while a powerful, chemical-free, carbon filter air deodorizer automatically minimizes odors
  • Easy Clean: Quick release hinges allow for easy removal and convienent cleaning; no tools required
  • Effortless Install: Quick-attach hardware for fast and secure installation, 120 VAC electrical outlet required for installation

VIVOHOME Smart Heated Bidet Toilet Seat with Self-Cleaning Nozzle for Rear and Front Cleansing, Warm Air Dryer with Adjustable Temperature Settings, Soft Close Lid, Nightlight

$169.99  in stock
1 used from $127.49
Free shipping
as of June 16, 2024 3:28 am


  • SIMPLE OPERATION – The multi-functional rotary knob on the right side of the toilet seat is used to change the rinsing modes, start the warm air dryer, and control the lights; When rinsing, you can press the button to switch the mode from regular, powerful, or massage cleaning; After rinsing, you can press the button to start the warm air function
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE – The 2 buttons on the left side of the toilet seat allow you to set the temperature; The right one controls the seat temperature among 3 levels; Press the left one to adjust the water temperature when rinsing, and to set the air temperature when the water spray is off; The lights between the buttons show the different levels of temperature
  • CONSIDERATE DESIGN – Equipped with double nozzles, the device allows for posterior rinsing and feminine rinsing, which protects the health of families (available even during a power failure); The ABS nozzle has a self-cleaning function; The spraying angles and positions are designed for good ergonomics
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL – Made of high-quality flame-retardant PP, the toilet seat prevents breakage and is resistant to corrosion; Its surface is smooth without sharp points, edges, or corners, which is safe and easy to clean; Upgraded copper fitting not only perfectly fits the metal pipe to prevent leakage, but is also more durable and has a longer lifespan
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Measuring 20" x 14.7" x 3.3", the installation of the toilet seat can be accomplished without professional assistance in the simple steps indicated in the instruction manual; The bidet works by turning a knob, which first goes through self-cleaning and then operates normally, which is simple to operate even by children and elders
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Bidet Attachment – SAMODRA Non-electric Cold Water Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment with Pressure Controls,Retractable Self-cleaning Dual Nozzles for Frontal & Rear Wash – White

 in stock
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as of June 16, 2024 3:28 am


  • High Quality Parts: Bidet attachment is constructed with ABS material, portable control panel, high-pressure faucet quality valves with metal/ceramic core, brass T-adapter, braided steel cold water hose instead of traditional plastics
  • Dual Spray Nozzles: Bidet attachment features dual nozzles for two spray modes: front cleaning for women's private, rear cleaning for men & women. Samodra upgrades knob switch to button design for easier to switch between patterns
  • Highly Sanitary Protection: Self-cleaning feature cleaning the nozzles thoroughly, telescopic nozzles automatically retract behind the convenient & movable guard gate for maximum protection and easy maintenance, give you double sanitary guarantee.SAMODRA Bidet
  • Adjustable Water Spray: Water-pressure control knob allow you to adjust water pressure to create an experience that blends comfort and ease of use, enjoy a perfect healthy life. Elderly and children can also easily use bidet
  • Easy to Install: Non-electronic bidet with high-grade accessories, compatible with most toilets. Easy installation into your standard 2-piece toilet in minutes without plumbers. Say goodbye to toilet paper and greet a cleaner, healthier lifestyle now!

What Is Electric Bidet?

An electric bidet is a toilet fixture that uses water to clean and wash your private parts after using the restroom. It is an upgrade from traditional toilets, which use toilet paper for cleaning. The device has a nozzle that sprays warm water on your genitals or anus, depending on the model.

Electric bidets have several features such as adjustable water temperature and pressure, air-drying function, heated seat, deodorizer and night light. Some models even come with remote control for easy operation.

The usage of electric bidet can be more hygienic than using toilet paper as it minimizes skin irritation caused by friction against dry tissue. It also reduces the chance of contamination due to contact with unclean hands or surfaces.

Electric bidets are available in different shapes and sizes to fit any bathroom décor or layout. They can be purchased separately as an attachment to existing toilets or installed together with new ones.

An electric bidet offers a more comfortable and convenient way of maintaining personal hygiene while reducing waste associated with traditional toilet papers.

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How Does Electric Bidet Work?

Electric bidet works by combining water pressure and temperature to clean your private parts. The device is connected to a power source, usually an electrical outlet, which powers its motor and heating element.

When you activate the electric bidet, it will release a jet of warm water that shoots up towards your nether regions. You can adjust the pressure and temperature to suit your preferences. Some models even come with additional features like pulsating or oscillating jets for massaging purposes.

In addition to water cleaning, some electric bidets also feature air-drying functions that use warm air blown from a nozzle to dry off excess moisture after washing. This eliminates the need for toilet paper altogether.

Most modern electric bidets also come with remote controls that allow users to customize their experience further. They may include options such as dual nozzles for feminine and posterior cleansing or seat warming features during cold days.

Electric Bidets revolutionize bathroom hygiene by providing superior cleaning capability than traditional methods while being eco-friendly at the same time through reducing paper waste.

The Different Types of Electric Bidet

Electric bidets come in different types, each with its own unique features and benefits. One of the most popular types is the seat attachment electric bidet. This type can be installed easily on top of your existing toilet seat, providing you with a warm water spray cleaning experience.

Another type is the standalone electric bidet that comes in various shapes and sizes. Some models have built-in air dryers while others feature heated seats for added comfort during use.

For those who prefer a more luxurious experience, there are also high-end electric bidets that offer advanced features such as automatic open/close lids, adjustable water pressure and temperature settings, and even remote control operation.

There are also portable electric travel bidets available that can be easily packed for trips or used in public restrooms where traditional bidets may not be available.

Before purchasing an electric bidet, it’s important to consider which type would best suit your needs based on factors such as budget, bathroom space availability, and personal preferences for additional features.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Electric Bidet

Before purchasing an electric bidet, it is important to consider several factors. One of the essential things to keep in mind is the size and shape of your toilet bowl. Electric bidets come in various sizes and shapes, so make sure you choose one that properly fits your toilet.

Another factor to consider is the type of water heating system used by the electric bidet. There are two types: tankless and tank-style. Tankless systems offer unlimited hot water supply but can be more expensive than tank-style systems.

The control options on an electric bidet are also crucial considerations before making a purchase. Some models have remote controls while others have control panels attached to the unit itself.

You should also think about additional features like air-drying, heated seats, adjustable nozzles, and deodorizers when choosing an electric bidet.

Take into account your budget when selecting an electric bidet as prices vary widely based on features and functions included in each model available on market today. By carefully assessing these factors before buying an electronic bitdet you will ensure that you get a device that best suits your needs without overspending or undershooting what’s necessary for optimal hygiene care!

Benefits of Using Electric Bidet

Using an electric bidet has numerous benefits that can significantly improve your personal hygiene and overall well-being. One of the main advantages is its ability to provide a thorough cleaning experience, which cannot be achieved with traditional toilet paper. Electric bidets use water to clean the area effectively, leaving you feeling cleaner and fresher after every use.

Another advantage of using an electric bidet is that it provides relief for people suffering from medical conditions such as hemorrhoids or constipation. The gentle stream of water helps soothe irritated skin and relieve discomfort associated with these conditions.

Electric bidets are also environmentally friendly as they reduce the need for excess toilet paper, therefore reducing waste. Additionally, they are cost-effective in the long run since you don’t need to purchase large amounts of toilet paper regularly.

Moreover, electric bidets feature adjustable settings allowing users to customize their cleansing experience according to their needs and preferences. The heated seat feature adds extra comfort during winter months making it more enjoyable and pleasant.

Investing in an electric bidet offers several benefits ranging from improved hygiene practices to environmental friendliness while saving money on regular purchases of tissue papers; all contributing towards maintaining better health standards.

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The Pros and Cons of Electric Bidet

Electric bidets offer a range of benefits, but they are not without their drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons to consider before investing in an electric bidet.

– Improved hygiene: Electric bidets provide superior cleaning compared to traditional methods.
– Comfortable: Many electric bidets come with adjustable water pressure and temperature settings for maximum comfort.
– Environmentally friendly: Using an electric bidet reduces the need for toilet paper, which helps the environment by reducing waste.
– Health benefits: Electric bidets can help reduce the risk of infections and hemorrhoids by promoting better cleansing.

– Cost: Electric bidets can be expensive compared to traditional toilets or even non-electric models.
– Installation: Installing an electric bidet requires access to electrical outlets and additional plumbing work, which may require professional assistance.
– Maintenance: Like any appliance, electric bidets require regular maintenance such as cleaning filters and nozzles, which can be time-consuming.

While there are some downsides associated with using an electric bidet, many users find that the convenience and health benefits outweigh these concerns.

Common Mistakes When Using Electric Bidet

Using an electric bidet may seem straightforward, but there are still some common mistakes that people make. One of the most frequent errors is not adjusting the water pressure or temperature properly. This can result in discomfort or even pain during use.

Another mistake users make is assuming that they don’t need to wipe after using a bidet. While bidets do offer superior cleaning than toilet paper alone, it’s still important to dry off with a clean towel or tissue afterwards.

Some people also forget to turn off the heated seat when they’re finished using their bidet. Not only does this waste energy, but it can also be uncomfortable if you accidentally sit on a hot seat later on.

Neglecting regular maintenance and cleaning of your electric bidet can lead to malfunctions and unpleasant odors in your bathroom. Be sure to follow manufacturer instructions for care and cleaning to keep your unit functioning properly.

By avoiding these common mistakes when using an electric bidet, you’ll be able to enjoy all its benefits without any inconvenience or discomfort.

How to Care for Your Electric Bidet

Caring for your electric bidet is essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Here are some tips on how to take care of it:

Firstly, make sure to wipe the exterior of the bidet with a soft cloth and mild soap regularly. Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools or harsh chemicals that could damage the surface.

Secondly, clean the nozzles regularly by running warm water through them. Some models come with self-cleaning features that eliminate any leftover residue automatically.

Thirdly, use only recommended cleaning solutions for internal parts such as filters and water tanks. It’s important not to overuse bleach or other chemicals as they can cause corrosion.

Fourthly, turn off the power supply before attempting any maintenance work on your electric bidet. This will prevent electrical shocks or short circuits from happening.

Follow manufacturer instructions carefully when replacing parts or conducting repairs on your electric bidet. If you’re unsure about anything related to its upkeep, seek professional help rather than attempting DIY fixes.

By following these simple guidelines and taking good care of your electric bidet, you can enjoy its benefits for many years without encountering any unnecessary problems!

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Installation and Maintenance Tips

Installation and maintenance are two crucial aspects of owning an electric bidet. Before you start with the installation process, make sure to read the manual carefully and have all the necessary tools on hand. It’s recommended to hire a professional plumber for proper installation.

When it comes to maintenance, regular cleaning is important to ensure that your bidet stays hygienic and in good working condition. Use mild soap or vinegar solution and avoid abrasive cleaners that may damage the surface.

The nozzle is one of the most important parts of an electric bidet, so make sure to clean it regularly as well. Some models come with a self-cleaning function which can be useful in maintaining hygiene.

To prevent any leaks or malfunctions, check for loose connections or damaged hoses every now and then. Additionally, do not forget about replacing filters when necessary.

Use your electric bidet according to its intended purpose. Avoid using harsh chemicals or hot water which can cause damage over time. By following these tips, you can ensure that your investment lasts longer while providing optimal comfort and hygiene benefits!


Here are some common questions and answers regarding electric bidets:

Q: Can electric bidets be installed on any toilet?
A: Most electric bidet models can be installed on standard, elongated toilets. However, it’s important to check the specifications of the model you’re interested in to make sure it will fit your toilet.

Q: How does an electric bidet clean itself?
A: Electric bidets have a self-cleaning feature that uses water or a cleaning solution to sanitize the nozzles after each use.

Q: Do I still need toilet paper if I use an electric bidet?
A: While some people prefer not to use toilet paper at all when using an electric bidet, others may choose to use a small amount for drying purposes. It ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Q: Are there any health benefits associated with using an electric bidet?
A: Yes, many users report feeling cleaner and fresher after using an electric bidet. Some also claim that it helps alleviate certain medical conditions such as hemorrhoids or constipation.

Q: How much does an electric bidet cost?
A: The price range varies depending on features and brand but typically ranges from $200-$1000+.


An electric bidet is a great addition to any bathroom. It offers numerous benefits such as improved hygiene, comfort, and convenience. With the different types available in the market, you can choose one that fits your needs and budget.

Before buying an electric bidet, consider factors such as features, size, compatibility with your toilet seat or bowl shape and user-friendliness. Knowing how to use it properly will ensure maximum benefits while avoiding common mistakes.

Taking care of your electric bidet involves regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it running smoothly for years. Proper installation is also crucial for optimal performance.

Investing in an electric bidet can bring a positive change in your bathroom experience that you won’t regret!

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