Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Consumer Reports 

Best lighted makeup mirror consumer reports 

Picking the best lighted makeup mirror can be a daunting task. With so many different brands and models to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? In this article, we will outline the features to look for when choosing a lighted makeup mirror, and review some of the best options on the market. We hope this information will help make your decision easier!

Top 10 Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

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What is a lighted makeup mirror?

Lighted makeup mirrors are a type of mirror that use LED lights to help you see your face more clearly while applying makeup. These mirrors typically feature multiple settings and brightness levels, allowing you to adjust the mirror’s brightness depending on the amount of natural light in the room or your personal preferences. Some lighted makeup mirrors even include built-in magnifying lenses, which can be helpful for those with limited vision or for getting a closer look at small details when applying makeup or grooming facial hair. If you’re looking for an easy way to apply your makeup more effectively, then a lighted makeup mirror may be just what you need!

Factors to consider before buying lighted makeup mirror:


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How much space do you have available? And how large do you need the mirror to be? Keep in mind, a larger mirror will require more light, so it’s important to decide what kind of lighting solution you want. For example, wall-mounted or table-top mirrors generally require less counter space than floor-standing mirrors. Likewise, illuminated magnifying mirrors take up even less room but may not provide as much light for makeup application.


While it might not be important to everyone, some people prefer to stick with a brand they trust. If you’re shopping for someone who is particular about the brand they use when purchasing makeup products, it might not hurt to buy a lighted mirror that reflects that preference as well.


How much are you willing and able to spend? While there are excellent quality mirrors available at every price point, price doesn’t always equal quality. It’s important to do your research before making this investment! Read product reviews from both users and professionals (if possible) and consider what features matter most to you. Don’t forget about return policies; there may be some trial-and-error involved in finding the perfect mirror for your needs.


A cosmetic mirror’s design is just as important to consider as the other factors listed above, especially if you intend to use it in a bathroom or bath area. Mirrors that are made from dramatic metals and high-tech plastics can be very attractive, but might not be suitable for damp environments. Likewise, mirrors with bright LED lighting may need extra protection against moisture and condensation build-up that could corrode the lights over time. Consider what kind of style will work best in your bathroom so that you don’t have to repair or replace the mirror down the road! Think about how often you will use this product and where it will fit into your everyday routine before committing to one design.


Just as with your makeup choices, it’s usually best to choose a mirror that is styled to match the rest of your bathroom decor. Aside from the vanity set example above, there are many other options in size and shape if you’re interested in an unusual look. Some people prefer to use their lighted mirrors on tabletops or counter tops instead of mounting them on walls, which allows for a bit more freedom when decorating around them. Consider how much space you have available before deciding what style might work best for your needs and personal aesthetic preferences.

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Most manufacturers will offer some kind of warranty or guarantee with their products, especially if they feel that the product quality warrants such protection. Consider what kind of warranty you are looking for and how long it might need to last before making a decision. It’s also important to read the fine print on these policies; they may only be applicable to certain conditions or the amount of time that passes after purchase.

Customer Service 

You may not have to call customer service very often, but when you do, it will certainly be nice if they pick up right away! While many companies offer online help options such as FAQ pages and tutorials, sometimes there are still questions that need answering in order to make an informed buying decision. In addition, some products may require special attention with regards to installation or set-up (especially floor-standing mirrors) so it’s important to have a contact option available in case of problems. You should also consider what the manufacturer’s policy is for returning defective products or items that were purchased by mistake.


Even if you intend to buy your lighted makeup mirrors from an expensive brand, it still helps to set a budget before shopping so that you don’t end up wasting money on unnecessary bells and whistles! Be sure to compare prices at different stores and outlets before making a final decision; depending on where you shop, there may be slight differences in price even though the products are essentially identical. You can also check online auctions sites or online wholesale retailers for even more savings potential. As with most household items, it definitely pays to do some comparison shopping before making a purchase.


The type of material that the lighted makeup mirrors are made from is an important consideration to make as well, especially if you plan to use it on your bathroom counter or vanity area where it will be exposed to moisture and condensation. Many common materials used in mirror construction are somewhat resistant to corrosion but some may be better for damp environments than others. Additionally, some metals (such as nickel and chrome) can simply match your style better than other options such as natural stones or synthetic plastics. Consider which features matter most to you before deciding what kind of material best suits your needs!


When choosing a makeup mirror, you want something that will hold up over time and withstand regular use without breaking or becoming damaged. This often comes down to the quality of the materials and how well they are constructed. For example, metal frames tend to be more durable than plastic ones, as they offer better support and structural integrity.

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Benefits of lighted makeup mirror

Lighted makeup mirrors are a tool that can make your life easy and your morning routine more efficient. They allow you to see your whole face at once, which makes it easier to apply makeup. Instead of squinting in the mirror while applying foundation or bronzer, you can see the whole picture with one glance.

Lighted makeup mirrors also help you avoid mistakes. When you’re applying foundation, light up the mirror so you can see if there’s any uneven spots on your face. If there are areas that need adjusting, use a sponge or brush to sweep over them in a downward motion (not back and forth) until they look even. This prevents streaks or lines from forming in the makeup application process!

Lighted makeup mirrors are also beneficial for people with sensitive skin because they allow for better application of products without irritating your skin or causing breakouts. By being able to see the entire face at once, you can see if there are any areas that still need coverage or if there is a part of your skin showing through where it shouldn’t be—allowing you to fix these issues before they become problems later down the road!

Pros and Cons of lighted makeup mirror


-Lighting makes it easy to see your face in detail, so you can make sure that your makeup is even and looks natural.

-The mirror itself is usually magnified, which means it’s easier to work with small details like eyeliner and blush.

-You can use a lighted makeup mirror with or without other sources of light in the room; this makes it perfect for traveling or using at night when you don’t want to wake up others in the house.


-Lighted makeup mirrors may be too bright for some people’s eyes, causing discomfort or headaches.

-Some lighted makeup mirrors are battery powered, which can be problematic if you need to keep recharging the batteries or if they tend to run out quickly.

-The lighting may be uneven or harsh, making it difficult to get a natural-looking finish when applying your makeup.

Common mistakes when using lighted makeup mirror

  1. Not cleaning the mirror

If you’re using a lighted makeup mirror, it’s important to clean it regularly. The bacteria that builds up on the mirror can cause acne and other skin issues. If you don’t clean your mirror, it will also make your makeup look blotchy or uneven when you use it.

  1. Not using a magnifying side of the mirror
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A magnifying side is great for applying makeup and getting close-up looks at your face. You’ll be able to see all of the details in your face when using this feature, so you can apply makeup perfectly every time! It also helps with contouring and highlighting.

  1. Not using a dimmer switch on the lights

If you turn up the lights too much when using your lighted makeup mirror, it can cause damage to your eyesight over time due to glare from reflections off of surfaces around you like walls or windows that aren’t as bright as they would be otherwise. Make sure to use a dimmer switch on your mirror to get just the right amount of light.

  1. Not using enough magnification

When choosing the right makeup mirror, you’ll want one that offers enough magnification so you don’t have to strain your eyes or move in close to see what you’re doing. If your mirror is too far away, it won’t show you as much detail and will make tasks like applying eyeliner or blending foundation more difficult than they need to be.

  1. Using an incandescent bulb for makeup application

While an incandescent bulb may be good for general lighting, it’s not ideal for makeup application because the yellowish tones produced by this type of bulb can interfere with color accuracy when it comes to applying makeup. Stick with a lighted makeup mirror that uses LED or fluorescent bulbs for the best results!

  1. Not having enough storage space

Make sure you have enough storage space for your lighted makeup mirror and other beauty products, especially if you’re lacking counter space in your bathroom or bedroom. Consider getting a vanity table with drawers or a tall cabinet to keep everything handy but out of sight when it’s not being used.

  1. Not using good lighting

The lighting is just as important as the magnification on your lighted makeup mirror, so make sure you’re using good quality bulbs to create even, bright illumination across your face while you apply makeup or tweeze stray hairs from your eyebrows. If necessary, use additional lighting in the room to ensure that you’re getting a clear, even view of everything.

  1. Not replacing old bulbs regularly

It’s important to replace old bulbs in your lighted makeup mirror regularly, as they can lose their brightness over time and affect the quality of your makeup application. Most mirrors will come with replacement bulbs included or an easy way to purchase them, so there’s no excuse not to have a fresh bulb at all times!

  1. Not having back-up batteries on hand
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If you use battery-powered or rechargeable makeup mirrors, make sure to always have extra batteries ready and available just in case something happens and the lights go out while you’re applying your makeup for an event or important meeting. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you can’t see what you’re doing!

  1. Not having enough light

Make sure that the light from your makeup mirror is plenty bright, as this will help ensure that everything you apply or tweeze looks perfect. If anything is too dark or overexposed, it will show up in photos and ruin any special occasions or professional events. Always use the best lighting possible for your needs!​

How to use lighted makeup mirror

  1. Make sure the mirror is clean and that you’ve removed any makeup from the mirror. For best results, use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any residue.
  2. Plug your lighted makeup mirror into a power source and turn it on. You’ll see a green light on the bottom of your mirror to indicate that it’s ready for use; if you don’t see this light, check that the power cord is securely plugged into the wall outlet (you may need to wiggle it slightly).
  3. Adjust the angle of your mirror so that it reflects natural daylight as closely as possible—this will make it easier for you to apply makeup while still seeing clearly. If you’re having trouble seeing where shadows are falling on your face or how color looks against your skin tone, adjust your lighting in other areas until you get closer to what nature intended!
  4. Once you’re satisfied with your lighting setup, begin applying your makeup as usual. You can use a small hand mirror and a magnifying mirror to help you see even the tiniest details and ensure that every application is smooth and flawless.
  5. When you’ve finished applying all of your makeup, be sure to give your lighted makeup mirror another once-over—and don’t forget to clean it regularly so that it always looks great!


Do you need natural light to do makeup?

No, you do not necessarily need natural light to do your makeup. Some people prefer using artificial lights because it is easier for them to see what they are doing, especially if the lighting in the room is dim or poor quality. However, many professional makeup artists prefer working with natural light because it makes their work look more realistic and allows them to use fewer products. Additionally, some cosmetic brands sell special LED mirrors that are designed specifically for applying makeup under natural light so that you can get the most accurate results possible. Ultimately, which type of lighting you choose will depend on your personal preference; just be sure to be aware of how different kinds of lights may affect your skin and eyes in order to ensure a flawless finish every time.​

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Can I do my makeup in non natural light?

Yes, you can do your makeup in non natural light. Natural lighting is the brightest and most intense light source, so it can be difficult to apply makeup accurately when using it. However, there are several other options that you can use if you prefer not to work under natural lighting. One option is to use artificial light sources like halogen or fluorescent bulbs, which have many of the same properties as natural sunlight but produce less harsh light that makes it easier to apply makeup accurately. Additionally, you can also use reflective surfaces like mirrors and windows to help capture and reflect the available light around you so that your makeup looks better in any lighting conditions. In general, choosing the right kind of lighting for applying your makeup will depend on your personal preferences and the look that you want to achieve. Regardless of what kind of lighting you use, however, it is important to make sure that your makeup reflects and enhances your natural beauty rather than overpowering it.


The best lighted makeup mirror can help you apply your makeup perfectly. We’ve looked at a few of the top-rated mirrors on the market and found that the Hollywood style vanity mirrors seem to be the most popular. Not only do they provide great lighting, but many also come with additional features like magnification and built-in storage. If you’re in the market for a new lighted makeup mirror, be sure to check out our top picks. Have you tried using a lighted makeup mirror? What are your thoughts?

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