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Are you tired of struggling to see those pesky hairs while trying to shave? Do you want a close and comfortable shave without any nicks or cuts? Look no further than a lighted electric razor! This innovative tool combines the convenience of an electric razor with the added benefit of built-in lighting, making it easier than ever to achieve a smooth and flawless shave. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about lighted electric razors – from how they work and the different types available in the market, to their benefits, drawbacks, and tips for setting one up correctly. So let’s dive in and discover which are the best lighted electric razors according to consumer reports!

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What Is Lighted Electric Razor?

A lighted electric razor is a grooming tool that combines the convenience of an electric razor with built-in lighting to give you maximum visibility while shaving. It illuminates your skin, allowing you to see every hair clearly and ensuring that you never miss a spot.

The concept behind this type of razor is simple: by adding lights around the blade, it provides increased visibility while shaving. This feature eliminates the need for additional lighting sources and makes it easier for users to shave even in dimly lit environments.

Lighted electric razors are perfect for those who struggle with poor eyesight or have trouble seeing small hairs on their face or neck. They also provide added safety benefits as they can help prevent nicks, cuts, and other injuries during shaving.

These types of razors come in various shapes and sizes from different brands with varying features such as waterproofing, battery life length, speed settings among others. Choosing one depends on your personal preference and needs when it comes to skincare routine.

How Does Lighted Electric Razor Work?

A lighted electric razor is an advanced version of a traditional electric razor. It works using electricity and has multiple blades that move back and forth to cut the hair smoothly. The primary difference between a regular electric shaver and a lighted one is the presence of LED lights built into the device.

The purpose of these lights is to illuminate your face while you shave, giving you better visibility in dimly lit areas like bathrooms or bedrooms. This feature ensures that every hair on your face gets shaved perfectly without leaving any spots behind.

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To use it, simply turn on the device, hold it against your skin at a 90-degree angle, and move it in circular motions around your face. The multiple blades will effectively remove all unwanted hair from your skin’s surface with minimal effort on your part.

In addition to their functionality, many modern lighted razors come equipped with additional features such as waterproofing capabilities or adjustable blade settings for more personalized grooming experiences. This innovative technology offers users convenience, efficiency, and precision when shaving compared to traditional methods.

The Different Types of Lighted Electric Razor

When it comes to lighted electric razors, there are three main types: foil, rotary, and trimmer.

Foil razors feature a thin layer of metal that covers the blades and helps protect the skin from irritation. The razor head moves back and forth over the skin to cut hair as close as possible without touching the skin directly.

Rotary razors use circular blades that spin under a protective cover. The razor head flexes in different directions to adapt to contours on your face or body while cutting hair.

Trimmer razors are designed for precise trimming and shaping of facial hair. They usually come with several attachments for different lengths and styles. Trimmer razors can be used alone or in conjunction with a foil or rotary razor for more comprehensive grooming.

The type of razor you choose will depend on your personal preference and needs. Foil razors work best for people who prefer smooth shaves, while rotary options are better suited for those who want flexibility when navigating curves on their faces or necks. Trimmed models offer precision trimming capabilities but may not provide as close of a shave compared to other types.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Lighted Electric Razor

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Before buying a lighted electric razor, there are several factors to consider. You need to decide what type of razor will suit your needs best. There are foil and rotary razors available in the market that come with different features. Foil razors provide a close shave for short hair while rotary razors work well on longer hair.

Another important factor to consider is the battery life of the razor. Some models have a shorter battery life than others, which can be inconvenient if you frequently travel or forget to charge your device regularly.

You should also look at the design and ergonomics of the razor before making a purchase decision. The weight, grip, and size should all be comfortable for you to handle during use.

The quality of blades used in the razor is another key consideration as it determines how long-lasting and efficient they will be over time. A good blade ensures clean shaving without causing any irritation on sensitive skin areas such as neck or chin.

Price plays an essential role when choosing between different options available in stores or online shops – expensive doesn’t always mean better value so make sure you get ample research done before finalizing your choice!

Benefits of Using Lighted Electric Razor

Using a lighted electric razor can provide numerous benefits for both men and women. One of the most notable advantages is that it allows you to see exactly where you are shaving, making it easier to achieve a smooth and precise shave.

Another benefit of using a lighted electric razor is that it helps prevent nicks, cuts, and skin irritation. With the help of the built-in illumination feature, you can easily maneuver around tricky areas like your neck or jawline without accidentally nicking yourself.

In addition, many lighted electric razors come equipped with multiple blades which make them more efficient at removing hair in fewer passes. This means less time spent shaving overall and less wear-and-tear on your skin.

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Lighted electric razors also tend to be much quieter than traditional manual razors or other types of electronic shavers. This makes them ideal for use in shared living spaces where noise pollution may be an issue.

Investing in a high-quality lighted electric razor can save you money over time as they typically last longer than disposable razors or manual options. Plus, with regular cleaning and maintenance, they will continue providing excellent results for years to come!

The Pros and Cons of Lighted Electric Razor

Lighted electric razors have both advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, they offer added convenience by illuminating the shaving area, making it easier to see missed spots and achieve a more precise shave. Additionally, this feature is especially helpful for individuals with poor eyesight or those who prefer to shave in dimly lit areas.

Another advantage of lighted electric razors is that they often come equipped with additional features such as pivoting heads and multiple speed settings. These options can help users tailor their shaving experience to suit their specific needs.

However, there are also some downsides to using a lighted electric razor. One potential disadvantage is that the extra lighting may cause eye strain or discomfort during use. Additionally, these types of shavers tend to be more expensive compared to traditional non-lighted models.

Moreover, lighted electric razors typically require charging before use which can be inconvenient if you forget to charge it beforehand. The battery life of these products tends not to last very long either; therefore having an alternative method of grooming might prove useful in case your razor runs out of battery at an inconvenient time.

Whether or not a lighted electric razor is right for you depends on your personal preference and needs when it comes down to grooming tools.

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Tips For Setting Up Your Lighted Electric Razor

When it comes to using a lighted electric razor, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your device. Here are some important things to keep in mind when setting up your razor:

Make sure that you charge your razor fully before use. This will ensure that the battery lasts longer and provides optimum performance.

Clean and prepare your skin properly before shaving. You can do this by exfoliating or using warm water to soften the hair follicles.

Adjust the settings on your razor according to your needs. Lighted electric razors usually come with different speed levels and attachments for various types of facial hair.

Fourthly, hold the razor at an angle of 90 degrees against your skin while shaving in circular or straight motions depending on personal preference.

Make sure to clean and store the razor properly after use as this will prolong its lifespan. Follow these simple tips for getting a comfortable shave every time!


FAQs or frequently asked questions are a crucial part of any product review, and the same goes for lighted electric razors. Here are some common questions that people ask about these gadgets.

How long do the batteries last on lighted electric razors? This can vary depending on the specific model you choose, but most will offer around 45-60 minutes of use per full charge. It’s always a good idea to check the battery life before making your purchase to ensure it meets your needs.

Another common question is whether lighted electric razors are safe to use in wet conditions such as the shower or bath. Many models now come with waterproof designs that allow for easy cleaning and even usage in wet environments. However, it’s important to double-check this feature before using your razor near water.

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Some people also wonder if they need special shaving cream or gel when using a lighted electric razor. While many models don’t require additional products, some users prefer adding lubrication for smoother results. Check with your manufacturer for specific recommendations.

Many consumers want to know if there are any maintenance requirements when owning a lighted electric razor. Regular cleaning and blade replacement (usually annually) can help extend the lifespan of your gadget and ensure optimal performance over time.

Answering these FAQs can help you make an informed decision when choosing the best-lighted electric razor based on Consumer Reports ratings!


To sum up, a lighted electric razor is an excellent investment for those who want to achieve a comfortable and accurate shave. With its built-in LED lights, it illuminates the areas that are hard to reach, making shaving more efficient and effortless.

When shopping for one, make sure to consider the type of blade you prefer, whether foil or rotary. Also take into account any additional features like waterproofing or automatic cleaning systems.

Although there may be some downsides such as higher price points compared to non-lighted razors and potential battery life issues, the benefits outweigh these factors. A lighted electric razor can save time in your daily routine while providing a close shave with minimal skin irritation.

Always read consumer reports on different brands before purchasing one that suits your needs best. With this guide on hand, finding the best lighted electric shaver according to Consumer Reports should be an easy task!

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