Best Kohler Whole House Generators Consumer Report

Are you tired of power outages disrupting your daily routine? Do you live in an area prone to natural disasters that cause electricity blackouts? If so, then investing in a Kohler whole house generator might be the solution for you. These generators offer reliable and efficient backup power for your entire home, ensuring that you never have to worry about being without electricity again. But with so many models on the market, how do you choose the best one for your needs? In this consumer report, we will review the top-rated Kohler whole house generators and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. So sit back, relax and let’s dive into everything Kohler has to offer!

Top 10 Kohler Whole House Generators

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What Are Kohler Whole House Generators?

Kohler whole house generators are backup power systems that can provide electricity to your entire home during a blackout or power outage. Unlike portable generators, which only power a few appliances, Kohler whole house generators are connected directly to your home’s electrical system and automatically turn on when the main power source fails.

The generator is powered by either propane or natural gas and can run for an extended period without needing to be refueled. The size of the generator you need will depend on various factors such as the size of your home and how many electrical devices you want it to power.

In addition to providing reliable backup electricity, Kohler whole house generators also come with advanced features such as automatic transfer switches, remote monitoring capabilities, and quiet operation. These features make them ideal for homeowners who want peace of mind knowing that their homes will remain functional even during prolonged outages.

Kohler whole house generators offer unmatched convenience and reliability compared to other types of backup energy sources. They are a sound investment for anyone who values uninterrupted access to electricity in their homes.

How Do Kohler Whole House Generators Work?

Kohler whole house generators work by automatically detecting a power outage and switching on to provide backup electricity. The generator is connected to the home’s electrical system and runs on either natural gas or propane.

When an outage occurs, the generator’s transfer switch disconnects the home from the grid and connects it to the generator. The engine then starts up and begins generating electricity that is sent through your home’s electrical panel.

Kohler generators use advanced technology to ensure that only clean, stable power is delivered to your home. They are designed with automatic voltage regulation, which helps protect sensitive electronics from damage.

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One of the key benefits of Kohler whole house generators is their ability to monitor utility power even when they aren’t in use. This means that if there are any fluctuations or other issues with your utility power, the generator will be ready to kick in at a moment’s notice.

Kohler whole house generators offer homeowners peace of mind knowing that they’ll never have to worry about losing power again.

The Different Types of Kohler Whole House Generators

Kohler offers a range of whole house generators to suit various household needs. The first type is the air-cooled generator, which is ideal for small to medium-sized homes. These generators are compact and easy to install, making them a popular choice.

The second type of Kohler whole house generator is the liquid-cooled generator. This option is suitable for larger homes or properties that require higher power output. Liquid-cooled generators are more efficient and reliable than air-cooled ones but can be expensive.

Another factor to consider when choosing a Kohler whole house generator is the fuel source. Natural gas and propane options are available depending on your home’s utility connections.

Kohler offers standby generators with automatic transfer switches that ensure seamless power supply during an outage. These systems monitor your home’s electricity usage constantly and automatically turn on in case of a power failure.

It’s important to consult with an expert before purchasing any type of whole-house generator from Kohler to ensure it meets your energy needs while staying within budget constraints.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Kohler Whole House Generators

When it comes to purchasing a Kohler whole house generator, there are several factors that you need to consider. First and foremost, you need to determine the size of your home and your energy needs. This will help you determine what size generator you require.

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Next, decide on the type of fuel source for your generator. You can choose between natural gas or propane as these two options are readily available in most areas.

Another important factor is the noise level of your generator. Make sure to check out the decibel rating before making a purchase as some units may be louder than others.

It’s also crucial to think about installation costs and whether or not you’ll need professional installation services. Additionally, make sure that any potential warranty offers cover both parts and labor costs in case something goes wrong.

Take into account the overall price range for Kohler whole house generators and whether or not this fits within your budget constraints. By considering all these factors beforehand, you’ll ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that your generator will meet all your household energy needs during unexpected power outages without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Using Kohler Whole House Generators

Kohler whole house generators offer numerous benefits to homeowners, especially during power outages. First and foremost, these generators provide uninterrupted power supply to the entire home, ensuring that all appliances and devices keep running without interruption. With a Kohler generator in place, you won’t have to worry about food spoilage or losing heating/cooling systems during extended power outages.

Another benefit of using Kohler whole house generators is their fuel efficiency. These generators are designed with advanced technology that allows them to consume less fuel while delivering optimal performance. This translates into lower operational costs over time.

Moreover, Kohler whole house generators come equipped with automatic transfer switches which enable them to switch on automatically when they detect a loss of utility power. This means you don’t need to be physically present at home for the generator to start up in case of an outage.

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Investing in a Kohler whole house generator can increase your property value since it’s considered a valuable asset by potential homebuyers.

Having a reliable backup system like Kohler’s whole-house generator ensures peace of mind and protects your household from any unforeseen circumstances caused due to power failures or outages.

The Pros and Cons of Kohler Whole House Generators

Kohler whole house generators are undoubtedly a great investment for homeowners who want to ensure uninterrupted power supply during outages. However, like any other product, they come with their own set of pros and cons.

One of the biggest advantages of Kohler whole house generators is their efficiency. These machines can provide seamless power backup in just a matter of seconds without requiring human intervention. This means you don’t have to worry about manually starting up your generator every time there’s an outage.

Another benefit is that these generators run on natural gas or propane which makes them eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run. They also offer reliable protection against surges and voltage fluctuations that could otherwise damage your home appliances.

On the downside, one major drawback is their high initial installation cost. Moreover, regular maintenance and servicing may be required to keep them running smoothly over time.

Additionally, Kohler whole house generators can be noisy when operating at full capacity which could disturb your neighbors or cause irritation if installed too close to living spaces.

While Kohler whole house generators have some disadvantages, their benefits far outweigh the drawbacks making them a great choice for those looking for efficient backup power solutions for their homes.

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Tips For Setting Up Your Kohler Whole House Generators

Setting up a Kohler whole house generator requires some careful planning and attention to detail. To ensure that your generator is installed correctly, it is important to follow these tips:

1. Proper Location – Choose an appropriate location for the generator installation. The site should be level and away from combustible materials.

2. Professional Installation – Always have a licensed electrician install your Kohler whole house generator as they know how to handle electrical wiring and connections safely.

3. Maintenance Schedule – Create a maintenance schedule with your installer or dealer, so you can keep track of when routine maintenance needs to happen.

4. Fuel Source – Ensure that you have enough fuel source available for the size of the generator installed in your home.

5. Backup Battery – Consider installing a backup battery along with the Kohler whole house generator, which provides additional power during short term outages or glitches in power supply

6. Circuit Breaker Panel – Make sure you properly connect your circuit breakers panel to avoid any potential danger like overloading circuits or overheating wires

By following these tips, you can enjoy uninterrupted power supply during prolonged outages without compromising on safety measures or quality performance


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Kohler Whole House Generators are important for potential users to understand before making a purchase. Here are some common questions and their answers.

1. What size generator do I need for my home?
The size of the generator you need depends on the square footage of your home, as well as the number and wattage of appliances you want to power during an outage. A Kohler dealer can help determine what size is best for your home.

2. How long does it take to install a Kohler Whole House Generator?
Installation time varies depending on factors such as site preparation, electrical work, and local permits. However, most installations can be completed in one or two days.

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3. Can I run my Kohler Whole House Generator on natural gas instead of propane?
Yes, all models can operate on both natural gas and liquid propane.

4. Do I need to perform maintenance on my Kohler Whole House Generator?
Yes, regular maintenance is required to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the unit. A Kohler dealer can provide information on recommended maintenance schedules.

5. Will my generator turn itself off once power has been restored?
Yes, all models feature an automatic shut-off function that will turn off the generator once utility power has been restored.

By understanding these FAQs about Kohler Whole House Generators, consumers can make informed decisions when purchasing a backup power source for their homes.


To sum it up, Kohler whole house generators are reliable and efficient solutions for homeowners who want to prepare for power outages. They come in different types and sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Before buying a generator, consider important factors such as fuel type, wattage capacity, noise level, and installation requirements. Don’t forget to hire a licensed electrician to ensure proper installation and operation of your generator.

Kohler is a reputable brand with a long-standing history of producing high-quality generators. With their advanced features and user-friendly controls, Kohler whole house generators offer peace of mind during unexpected power interruptions. Invest in one today and enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply for years to come!

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