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Are you tired of cooking meals that take forever to prepare? Do you want a healthier and more convenient option for your busy lifestyle? Look no further than the Tovala Oven! This innovative appliance combines the speed and convenience of a microwave with the quality and taste of an oven-cooked meal. But is it worth the investment? In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive consumer report on the best Tovala Oven models available in 2021. From how it works to its benefits and drawbacks, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover everything there is to know about this game-changing kitchen tool!

Top 10 Tovala Ovens

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What Is Tovala Oven?

Tovala Oven is a smart, countertop appliance that can cook and steam food in minutes. It’s perfect for people who want to eat healthy meals but have limited time to prepare them. The Tovala Oven uses advanced technology such as Wi-Fi connectivity, barcode scanning, and temperature sensors to cook your food perfectly every time.

The oven comes with pre-programmed recipes that you can access through the Tovala app on your smartphone or tablet. You simply scan the barcode of the meal kit using your phone’s camera, place it inside the oven, and let it do its magic. With options ranging from vegetarian to gluten-free and low-carb diets, there is something for everyone.

One of the best things about this appliance is that it has a built-in steam system that locks in moisture while cooking. This means that your meals will be juicy and flavorful without any added oils or fats. Plus, cleanup is a breeze as most components are dishwasher safe.

If you’re looking for an innovative solution to simplify meal prep without sacrificing taste or nutrition – then Tovala oven might just be what you need!

How Does Tovala Oven Work?

Tovala Oven is a smart oven that combines multiple cooking techniques and technologies to prepare healthy meals in minutes. The Tovala Oven works by using a combination of steam, convection, and broiling to cook food perfectly every time.

The process starts with the user scanning a barcode on the meal packaging or selecting a recipe from the Tovala app. The oven then automatically adjusts its settings based on the specific meal or recipe selected for optimal results.

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Once the oven is preheated, it uses steam technology to cook your food quickly while keeping it moist and flavorful without added fats or oils. This method preserves nutrients better than traditional cooking methods.

The convection function circulates hot air around your food evenly which ensures that everything cooks thoroughly – no more burnt edges! Broiling sears meat to create crispy crusts on top while retaining tenderness inside.

All these functions are controlled by an intuitive touchscreen display where you can customize temperature, timing, and other preferences according to your taste buds’ desire.

The Different Types of Tovala Oven

Tovala offers two different types of ovens: the Tovala Steam Oven and the Tovala Smart Oven.

The Tovala Steam Oven uses steam technology to cook meals quickly and efficiently. It comes with preset cooking programs that allow you to cook a variety of dishes including vegetables, seafood, chicken, beef, and more. The steam oven also has a feature called “Scan-to-Cook”, which allows you to scan the barcode on pre-packaged meals from companies like Trader Joe’s and have them automatically cooked in your oven.

On the other hand, the Tovala Smart Oven is a combination oven that utilizes both steam and convection cooking methods. This oven also has preset cooking programs for various dishes but it takes things up a notch by having WiFi connectivity allowing users to control their ovens through an app or voice-controlled assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Both types of ovens are designed to make meal preparation as easy as possible while delivering delicious results every time!

Factors to Consider Before Buying Tovala Oven

Before buying a Tovala Oven, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, think about your cooking needs. Are you someone who likes to cook from scratch or do you prefer pre-made meals? The Tovala Oven is designed for those who want quick and easy meal solutions without sacrificing quality.

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Another important factor to consider is the size of the oven. It’s important to measure your kitchen space before purchasing to ensure that it fits comfortably on your countertop. The Tovala Oven measures 18 inches wide by 13 inches deep and stands at just over 11 inches tall.

You should also take into account the types of meals you’ll be cooking in the oven. While the Tovala can handle most recipes, some require specific cookware or ingredients that may not work with this appliance.

Additionally, consider how frequently you will use the oven and if it’s worth investing in for your lifestyle. If you’re someone who eats out often or doesn’t have much time for cooking at home, this may not be a necessary purchase.

While there are many benefits of owning a Tovala Oven, it’s important to evaluate your personal needs before making a final decision on whether or not it’s right for you.

Benefits of Using Tovala Oven

Using a Tovala oven comes with several benefits that make it an excellent addition to your kitchen appliances. One of the most significant advantages is the convenience it offers. With this appliance, you no longer have to spend hours preparing and cooking meals – simply scan the barcode on your meal, and the oven will do all the work for you!

Another benefit of using a Tovala oven is its versatility in cooking various types of foods. Whether you want to bake, broil or steam food, this appliance can handle it all. Its rapid-cook technology ensures that meals are cooked evenly and quickly while retaining their nutritional value and flavor.

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Moreover, using a Tovala oven is cost-effective as well since there’s no need to buy multiple appliances for different cooking methods such as baking or steaming. This versatile appliance saves money by acting as multiple devices in one.

Cleaning up after using a Tovala oven is easy thanks to its compact size and removable components that can be easily washed or wiped down. All these benefits make investing in a Tovala Oven worth considering when looking for ways to simplify your culinary life!

The Pros and Cons of Tovala Oven

Tovala Oven is a versatile kitchen appliance that has its fair share of pros and cons. In this section, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of using Tovala Oven.

One significant advantage of using Tovala Oven is its speed. It can cook meals in less than 20 minutes, which makes meal prep a breeze for busy individuals. Additionally, it’s an all-in-one appliance that can bake, broil, steam, and roast foods effortlessly.

Another pro is the convenience factor – you don’t need to be an experienced chef to use Tovala Oven. The oven comes with pre-programmed recipes that make cooking easier for beginners or people who are always on-the-go.

However, one downside to Tovala Oven is its price point. It’s not as affordable compared to other kitchen appliances on the market today. Also worth noting is that some users have reported issues with the Bluetooth connection feature when syncing their phone with the oven.

Despite having some drawbacks such as cost and connectivity issues experienced by some users – if you’re looking for a fast way to prepare healthy meals without sacrificing quality or taste; then Tovala Oven may just be your perfect match!

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Tips For Setting Up Your Tovala Oven

Setting up your Tovala Oven can be a breeze with these helpful tips. First, make sure to read the manual thoroughly before starting. It will provide step-by-step instructions on how to assemble and use the oven.

Next, find a suitable location for your Tovala Oven. Make sure it is placed on a flat surface in an area that has good ventilation and enough space around it for air circulation.

Once you have found the perfect spot, plug in your Tovala Oven and connect it to Wi-Fi. This will allow you to control the oven remotely using the Tovala app.

Before cooking anything in your new oven, run a test cycle first to ensure everything is working properly. Simply select “Test Cycle” from the main menu of the app and follow the prompts.

When you are ready to cook, always use non-metallic cookware or aluminum foil provided by Tovala specifically designed for their ovens. Place your food inside and select one of Tovala’s pre-programmed recipes or create your own custom cooking setting using the app.

Remember to clean your Tovala Oven regularly after each use following its care instructions outlined in its manual so that it continues producing delicious meals every time!


FAQs or frequently asked questions are common in any product review, and the Tovala Oven is no exception. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about this smart oven:

Q: Is it difficult to set up the Tovala Oven?
A: No, it’s not. The oven is designed to be user-friendly and comes with a detailed manual that guides you through every step of setting up your device.

Q: What kind of food can I cook in my Tovala Oven?
A: You can cook almost anything you like such as vegetables, meats, pizza, fish and much more using various cooking functions on this smart oven.

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Q: Do I need special containers for cooking with the Tovala Oven?
A: No, you don’t. The Tovala Oven comes equipped with a variety of trays and pans that are suitable for different types of meals. Also, they’re all dishwasher safe!

Q: Does it have a self-cleaning feature?
A: Yes! One great thing about the Tovala Oven is its self-cleaning feature which makes cleaning easier than ever before.

In summary, there aren’t many complicated procedures involved when it comes to using or maintaining your new investment – because convenience is one aspect that’s at top priority here!


Tovala Oven is a smart oven that has revolutionized the cooking process for many people. With its state-of-the-art features and technology, it promises to make your cooking experience more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable.

When looking for the best Tovala Oven, there are several factors you need to consider. The size of the oven, your budget, and what you intend to use it for are just some of the things you should keep in mind when making a purchase.

If you’re looking for an oven that will help simplify your life while providing tasty and healthy meals in minutes without compromising on quality or taste then Tovala Oven is definitely worth checking out. It’s packed with features that can transform any kitchen into a place where cooking becomes effortless without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. So go ahead and explore this amazing appliance today!

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